What is Holy Week?

What lessons can we learn from Holy Week?

How Passover, Easter offer a story of freedom and hope

Holy Week, celebrated by Christians around the world, is the week leading up to Easter Sunday on April 12.

Holy Week 2020 starts Sunday, April 5, with Palm Sunday and concludes on Holy Saturday, April 11, before Easter Sunday. Lent either ends on the evening of Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday during Holy Week.


Palm Sunday: April 5

Christians commemorate Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, as Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem prior to His crucifixion. As described in the Bible, palm leaves and clothes were laid in his path as he rode on a donkey.

Maundy Thursday: April 9

Maundy Thursday, also called Holy Thursday, is the observance of the Last Supper, where Jesus spoke of communion. Some churches hold a special service.

Good Friday: April 10

Good Friday marks the day Jesus died on the cross. Many observe it as a somber day to fast.

While Holy Week is largely celebrated by Christians, many non-Christians participate, whether it is attending a service, Easter egg hunts or family dinners.