Lawrence Jones seeks public’s reaction to Pete Buttigieg comments on Christianity and politics

Las Vegas voters react to controversial comments from Bloomberg, Buttigieg

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones speaks to Nevada residents about the 2020 presidential race.

In a “Hannity” exclusive, Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones asked folks in Las Vegas — site of Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate — for their reaction to Pete Buttigieg‘s recent comments about Christianity and politics.

Buttigieg, the Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of  South Bend, Ind., recently said he doesn’t see “any compatibility” between supporting President Trump and the teachings in Scripture — after Buttigieg previously asserted that God “does not belong to a political party.”

“What say you?” Jones asked locals, tourists and others in Las Vegas.

“Well, I am a Christian, so I do support Donald Trump,” one respondent said. “So … I’m not sure where [Buttigieg’s remarks are] coming from.”


“He can’t read the man’s mind and can’t see what’s in his heart,” another interviewee said.

“I’m a Catholic, Knights of Columbus, fourth degree,” yet another member of the public said, responding to Jones.  “I think that Christians definitely love Donald Trump.”

Host Sean Hannity asked Jones about his mother, a pastor, and how she handled the intersection of religion and politics.

“I’m guessing that your mom really doesn’t care about people’s politics if they come to seek God and Jesus in her church,” Hannity said. “Am I right?”

“You’re right about this,” Jones responded. “She always says there’s two answers to every question — God’s answer and everybody else’s answers. And God is always right. Everybody else is always wrong.”


Jones also asked folks in Las Vegas if they think any of the Democratic candidates has a chance to defeat President Trump in general election in November.

“Personally, I don’t think so,” one respondent said. “I think it’s gonna be a landslide. I think these Democrats are just bickering too much with each other.”