Sean Hannity says Bloomberg campaign ‘on life support,’ Dem debate was ‘essentially a circular firing squad’

Sean Hannity declared Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg‘s campaign to be “on life support” after Wednesday night’s debate and lambasted the rest of the party’s presidential field as a “sick, twisted joke.”

“‘Mini’ Mike Bloomberg’s campaign, we can officially report, is on life support with a respirator and feeding tube with little to no hope of recovery. He was literally ripped to shreds in last night’s debate,” Hannity said on his television program. “I can’t really overstate how poorly he performed — the single worst debate performance I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.”


“Frankly, he embarrassed himself and anyone who supports him,” Hannity added, “but mostly himself.”

The host compared Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on Bloomberg to a mixed martial arts (MMA) beating before verbally dismantling Bloomberg some more.

“Now, you could buy a lot of things with $500 million. You really can. But you can’t buy a personality. You can’t buy charisma, and apparently you can’t even buy good debate preparation in two short hours,” Hannity said. “This never-ending, slick $500 million marketing campaign collapsed before the entire country’s eyes.”

Hannity claimed that Bloomberg was the Democratic Party’s “Plan B” and said the organization was having a “meltdown.”

“So the Democrats’ Plan B is an unmitigated disaster. It imploded last night. And with Biden and Bloomberg’s epic implosion, there’s no plan C,” Hannity said. “Last night’s debate did prove one thing: The Democratic Party is in a state of complete and utter chaos … and it’s only going to get worse.”


Hannity then turned his wrath on the rest of the Democratic field.

“You have a devout Soviet-style socialist leading the way. A Wall Street billionaire that thinks anybody can be a farmer, a Harvard law professor who has been faking her race for three decades, [and] a couple of other sociopaths who are hell-bent on fame and glory,” Hannity said. “It’s like a sick, twisted joke. The weakest presidential field, frankly, in the history of American politics. And last night, it was essentially a circular firing squad, all showing their true colors. I couldn’t write it any better.”