Eric Trump slams Sanders: ‘He has three accomplishments, two of which are naming post offices’

Eric Trump: My father has done more in 3 years than Bernie has done in 40 years

Trump Organization executive vice president Eric Trump weighs in on the rise of Bernie Sanders in the 2020 race.

Trump Organization executive vice president Eric Trump told Fox News Monday that Democratic front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has achieved relatively in close to four decades as an elected official at the local and federal levels.

«He [Sanders] entered government in 1981 [as mayor of Burlington, Vt.] if you can possibly believe it,» President Trump’s second son told «Hannity.» «He has three accomplishments, two of which are naming post offices, and this is the guy who’s going to issue transformational change.»


«He always gets out in the speeches, Sean, you know, he says Washington needs transformational change,» Eric Trump added. «Well, he’s been in Washington for almost 40 years and he’s named two post offices.»

In 2014, Sanders successfully sought to rename the Danville, Vt. post office in honor of Thaddeus Stevens — a famously staunch abolitionist Republican who represented Pennsylvania in the U.S. House during the Civil War but was born in the Vermont community.

While a member of the House in 2006, Sanders authored a bill to rename the post office in Fair Haven after the town’s 18th Century founder, Matthew Lyon.

Eric Trump contrasted Sanders’ accomplishments with those of his father, saying that the incumbent president had built a «real estate empire» and then sought the White House «against the greatest odds in the world.»


«He delivered the greatest economy known to any country ever, the best economy this country’s ever had, the best stock market, lowest unemployment, the best military, the highest consumer confidence, the lowest taxes — he cut taxes by 20 percent,» he said.

«I could go on and on and on, but you could not have a greater dichotomy between two people.»